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Case study: TMG Guitar Co

We recently had the opportunity to launch a brand on the Shopify Plus platform. TMG Guitar Co is known for their hand-made, custom electric guitars. Being musicians ourselves, we could not wait to get our hands on some instruments to photograph—and of course play.

Our Role

  • Product Photography
  • Marketing Photography
  • Shopify Theme Design
  • Shopify Theme Development
  • Launch Support
  • Marketing Consulting

Letting the products shine.

It's hard to explain with words the level of detail and quality that TMG's guitars have become known for. Our goal was to simply showcase their products in a clean, minimal experience. A customer considering a purchase is there to understand the instrument as intimately as possible. No need for us to clutter things up with drastracting, over-the-top design.

Detailed product photography.

In order to create the experience TMG's products deserved, we needed the products photographed in an exact way. Art direction and quality would be of the utmost importance. We could not be more proud of the product photography through the TMG website—all done in-house here in Oklahoma City.

The results are in.

"Rehash was amazing to work with. They have an exceptional ability to communicate in a way that is easily understandable to the client and was able to interpret our unique needs for our site. They included us every step of the way as they built our site and were always at our disposal to bounce ideas off as well as encouraging us to think out of the box as we considered our long term goals and needs. Rehash clearly has a keen understanding of the customer experience. Andrew built us a kickass website that draws our customers in, keeps them on the site browsing and ultimately purchasing our product. I chose Rehash because they were passionate about not just web design, but our web design. They are creative and always pushing the envelope to give us what we envisioned. I loved Rehash so much, they will be building the site for another business I have become involved with and I highly recommend their work."

Jonathan Brosnan, TMG Guitar Co

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