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Case study: Lifekind

If the numbers don’t lie, then most of us will spend a full one third of our lives in bed. That is a massive amount of time spent in one place with a manufactured product.

As a mattress company with 20 years of experience, Lifekind knows a thing or two about building quality organic mattresses. But with a commitment to organic and naturally safer household products as well, the company’s scope goes a-lot further than just mattresses. Lifekind is a brand dedicated to providing practical and chemically acceptable products that are both gentle on their customers as well as the environment.

Our Role

  • Data Migration
  • Rebranding
  • Shopify Theme Design
  • Shopify Theme Development
  • Third-party Applications Integration
  • Custom Shopify Scripts
  • Launch Support

Increased access to safer products

For years, Lifekind operated exclusively as a mail-order company. With the age of online shopping, it was critical for them to make the jump into the ecommerce world. They reached out to our team to help with a platform migration to Shopify Plus, and to provide some fresh, simplified branding that included a new updated logo and typeface collection.

Looks aren’t everything, but a well designed website can help a company focus on what they do best: getting proven chemically safe products to their customers. For Lifekind, we built out a custom shopify theme implementing the updated branding, and then trained their team on how to maximize their new Shopify Plus store.

Migration made easy

Learn more about Shopify Transporter.

For platform migration, our team utilized Shopify Plus’ Transporter app, which allowed us to seamlessly migrate orders, customers, and products all in just a few steps.

Starting with Transporter’s command line tool, our team converted all of Lifekind’s platform data into CSVs that were Shopify compatible. Then, with the help of the Transporter app, we loaded all of the converted data into Shopify. Migration complete.

In the end, using Transporter saved Lifekind from having to employ a costly conversion service, and allowed our team to convert all of their important data in a timely and efficient manner saving time and expense.

Automating through customization

Learn more about Shopify Scripts

When it comes to creating optimized and automated checkout experiences, no tool comes close to Shopify Scripts. From using pre-calculated shipping costs or setting up a new customized discount, merchants can do a multitude of actions with Scripts.

Lifekind needed a unique workaround to a common mattress company problem. For mattresses sales, some states require a small recycling fee to be paid to the state by the merchant. Our team implemented a customized script that automatically added the required fee to the cart for any customers purchasing from one of these states.

We were also able to construct a promotion script that adds a matching free pillow to any order that includes a mattress. All of this was done utilizing Shopify's incredible Scripts tool.

What Lifekind had to say

Lifekind’s partnership with Rehash to redesign its web store has led to an increase in conversion rates and improved overall shopping experience. And while the process of converting from a prior tool to Shopify wouldn’t be considered simple (in particular with a larger product catalog featuring a wide array of product types), the Rehash team simplified the process as much as possible, with the majority of “heavy lifting” having been done through automation. From design to final launch, communication and execution was professional and organized. We hit our launch date, and have since received a tremendous amount of positive feedback.

Jeff Bader, Lifekind

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