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Case study: Glik's

Since the first Glik’s store opened in 1897, four generations of the Glik family have built a family-owned retail company that now encompasses over 60 stores in 10 states. If you’re in business long enough, eventually you are going to experience significant change in your industry, with the technology you use, or perhaps even your entire business model. These seasons of change are nothing new for Glik’s. After all, they are the 14th oldest retailer in the United States – a history one does not come by easily. When Glik’s approached our team about the potential move to Shopify Plus, we were excited to step up to the challenge and walk alongside them through this transition.

Our Role

  • Shopify Theme Design
  • Shopify Theme Development
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Data Sync Application
  • Retail Sales Application
  • Shopify Scripts & Shopify Flow
  • WMS Consulting

Identify. Address.

If you’ve been in business for over 100 years, there’s going to be some legacy (or missing) processes that need to be addressed. Migrating to a new platform presented a great opportunity to address this with Glik’s. Our team traveled to Glik's headquarters and met with various departments and key stakeholders. This gave us insight into the ways and the whys behind their operations, marketing efforts, and overall approach to selling online and in-person. During our discovery process we identified a few key areas to address: paper process that leaves potential for error, a missing warehouse management system, difficulty merchandising the website, and data quality issues.

to Shopify Plus Migration

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When migrating between two systems, data formats rarely (read never) match perfectly. Glik’s existing AbleCommerce system was not able to support API connections for transferring the data directly into Shopify. Instead, our team needed to export all data, reformat using our super advanced spreadsheeting skills, and then utilize the powerful Shopify Plus' Transporter application. Transporter actually allows the migration of large data sets into Shopify Plus very quickly. Win!

Glik's Data Import Graphic

Aptos Sync

A major aspect of this project was centered around Aptos, which powers Glik’s ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. We were tasked with building a custom application that seamlessly moves inventory into Shopify Plus, as well as customer and order data back into Aptos. Anyone else excited to work with tab-delimited files?

It was important for this process to run consistently with a high-level of data integrity to avoid inventory issues at the warehouse or accounting discrepancies. This application was the first-of-its-kind between Aptos to Shopify Plus. Glik’s team is now setup to move faster with more reliable data between the ecommerce store and their retail and back-of-house operations.

Custom Shopify Theme

No migration to Shopify Plus would be complete without a custom Shopify theme, right? In order to complete this transition and overhaul Glik’s was quite an under-taking. We designed and developed feature-rich Shopify theme which was properly optimized for performance and marketing goals.

We utilized unique landing page layouts, gave the ability to add promotional content on collections with robust filtering, and even implemented our own Rebase application to create shoppable social media galleries, wishlist features, and even a store locator. The end result is something Glik’s can be proud of and that will continue to grow alongside them for years to come.

Retail Sales Application

Through Glik’s 60+ retail stores there are a lot of touchpoints with theirs customers, which also gives more possibilities that an exact product/size is not in-stock at a particular store. To help capture those potentially lost sales, our team built a Shopify-powered in-store sales application that allows Glik’s staff to create an order and process the payment for the customer.

This application is powered by Shopify’s Storefront API and React, making it both extremely fast and reaching feature-parity with the online store. Orders are routed back to the warehouse and either fulfilled directly to the customer or to a Glik’s retail store for pickup.

Automation through Flow

One of the best opportunities for growing businesses to tap into within the Shopify Plus ecosystem is with automation. With Flow, merchants can now automate various data and communication tasks based on a set of rules and reactions created with the application. It’s a game-changer for businesses. For Glik’s, this meant the opportunity to ensure consistent data for products and to automate notices to staff members for various important events within their store.

Learn more about Shopify Flow

Shopify Scripts

Glik’s needed to offer complex employee and customer pricing discounts and shipping rates through both their online store and the retail sales application we were building. With the Script Editor application, our team was able to write a line-item script that handled the logic for the amounts and necessary times to allow automatic and customer-added discounts. We also created a shipping script that restricted shipping methods and costs based on the customer, cart totals, and fulfillment method.

Learn more about the Script Editor

What Glik's team had to say

"We decided to migrate our website to a new e-commerce platform and were looking for a partner that could advise us on industry standards and help us grow our e-commerce business. Not only did Rehash design a beautiful website for us, but they also visited our home office and warehouse locations to fully understand our business. They advised us on a new warehouse management system and integrated our website with our 3rd party inventory and merchandising system. Rehash exceeded our expectations with their level of professionalism and knowledge, communicated with us every step of the way, and really did all the heavy lifting on the project. If we had to do it all over again, we’d choose Rehash in a heartbeat!"

Kristi Hamm, Glik's

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