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Partners in success

We believe that our success is tied directly to the success of the merchants we partner with. Our team takes pride in building relationships that last years, not just through a single project.

"Choosing Rehash for our website redesign was a great decision for us. They were able to gather our ideas, make them a reality, and lay them out in a thoughtful way to create a better user experience. Rehash helped us launch before the busy holiday season and stayed with us throughout the process. They get eCommerce and design and we were very fortunate to partner with them on a successful site redesign!"
"We decided to migrate our website to a new e-commerce platform and were looking for a partner that could advise us on industry standards and help us grow our e-commerce business. Not only did Rehash design a beautiful website for us, but they also visited our home office and warehouse locations to fully understand our business. They advised us on a new warehouse management system and integrated our website with our 3rd party inventory and merchandising system. Rehash exceeded our expectations with their level of professionalism and knowledge, communicated with us every step of the way, and really did all the heavy lifting on the project. If we had to do it all over again, we’d choose Rehash in a heartbeat!"
"Our partnership with Rehash has been essential to accomplishing our unique vision for our rebrand and site optimization. Their understanding of the front and back end user experience was paramount to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing site. With a complex product catalog, creating dynamic search features and streamlining site navigation was no easy task. We’ve been so pleased with the results of our project and ongoing support from Rehash. They have truly become an extension of our company team."
"At Gazelle Sports and Gazelle Sports Soccer, we wanted our websites to be more than a regular e-commerce site. We wanted our websites to look great, be easy for our customers to navigate, and portray our 'Gazelle Sports Experience'. Because of these reasons, we decided to choose Rehash to migrate our sites to Shopify Plus and to build fresh, unique designs. We had a list of 80 features that we wanted to have for our new sites and Rehash went through every one of them and explained how best to do it, whether it be native to Shopify Plus, an enhancement in our theme, an app, or a part of their app - Rebase. We were very impressed that they outlined the entire process and their mindset for accomplishing our e-commerce needs. Another very important need that we had was being able to have Shopify communicate with a service that handles our order processing and syncing with our point-of-sale software. Rehash was able to help them with the Shopify API and give them helpful pointers on how to accomplish certain things. Rehash does a wonderful job on their designs, development, and meeting their client's needs.
"Rehash did the website for my first online store several years ago and I loved it. So, it was a given that when I took on my own guitar line I would come to them again to hook me up with an amazing site that gives so much information to my customers and drives them into personal contact with me to make the sales connections. Customer service is excellent and timeliness is a welcomed surprise this day in age in a service oriented industry. Thanks so much!"
"A tremendously talented team of true professionals. Can't say enough good things."
"We love working with Rehash! Our site has little to no issues thanks to the help of Rehash. Very responsive and willing to help whether we want a style refresh, improvement made, or need a kink worked out."
"Our project was executed with a high degree of professionalism and technical expertise. Rehash did a great job presenting multiple solutions to our team, allowing us to determine what was the most effective minimal viable product. During the initial start up, development went smoothly. Our debugging process was minimal and a direct line of communication to their developers kept us on track. Rehash is more than technology partner, I consider them a part of the Koch team. I would strongly recommend Rehash to anyone looking for a reliable development firm."
"We were looking for something perfectly tailored to our needs and that is exactly what we got. Working with Rehash was just like adding another person to our team – communication was seamless and easy. With the little direction we provided, Rehash built a brand new store for us that utilized all the newest web technologies. Working with Rehash was a ton of fun and we’re delightfully satisfied with how the project turned out."
"Rehash came in and worked with us at all levels during our transition to the Shopify Plus platform. They continue to help us make our e-commerce site perform at it's best today. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make the switch to Shopify Plus."
"Rehash was amazing to work with. They have an exceptional ability to communicate in a way that is easily understandable to the client and was able to interpret our unique needs for our site. They included us every step of the way as they built our site and were always at our disposal to bounce ideas off as well as encouraging us to think out of the box as we considered our long term goals and needs. Rehash clearly has a keen understanding of the customer experience. Andrew built us a kickass website that draws our customers in, keeps them on the site browsing and ultimately purchasing our product. I chose Rehash because they were passionate about not just web design, but our web design. They are creative and always pushing the envelope to give us what we envisioned. I loved Rehash so much, they will be building the site for another business I have become involved with and I highly recommend their work."
"Being a new company, we were looking for more than just an agency; We were looking for a solid partnership and strong web guidance. Andrew and the team at Rehash were essential in the formation of our brand experience and identity from the ground up. From visual concepts, to hard code, their veteran skills and insightful advice allowed us to focus on the brand and not worry about the online experience. Their ability to “hack the platform”, both desktop and mobile, and push it beyond its limits, enabled us to become one of the most technologically advanced stores in Shopify’s history. Rehash has since become our closest ally, helping us effortlessly align our web presence with our brand vision."
"Working with Rehash has been fantastic. When I approached Rehash I had a general idea of the site that I wanted. Andrew and the Rehash team took a look at my brand and my business, and with very little guidance built us a site that makes sense. No details were overlooked, and all my requests and edits were completed in an extremely timely manner. Andrew and the Rehash team are talented, professional, and readily available. I am extremely happy with the final product!"
"I hired Rehash to create a new website for me. Saying that I was impressed could only be an understatement. Their customer service skills were outstanding. They understood exactly what I needed, made sure the launch was seamless and relentlessly stuck to a perfect timeline. Their knowledge of the web design field was second to none. They knew exactly what they were talking about and their work backed it up."
"Working with Rehash has been fantastic. When I approached Rehash, I had a general idea of the site that I wanted. Andrew and the Rehash team took a look at my brand and my business, and with very little guidance built us a site that makes sense. No details were overlooked, and all my requests and edits were completed in an extremely timely manner. Andrew and the Rehash team are talented, professional, and readily available. I am extremely happy with the final product!"
"We hired Rehash to build a new website for our company and they did an AMAZING job. The finished product was even better than our high expectations. The work was done on time and on budget. Andrew and his team guided us through the process and was incredibly accommodating when we had to deviate from our original plan. We would recommend Rehash to anyone interested in a great Shopify website."
"Being a small business and opening multiple franchise locations every month was taxing our limited resources. Having the team at Rehash take the lead in meeting each franchisee's technology needs, while also providing support during the setup period, allowed us at In & Out Smart Repair to meet our goals."
Cody Berry In & Out Smart Repair
"After a thorough and competitive bid process, we hired Rehash to build custom sites for our two children’s clothing brands. For both sites, we had very high standards for functionality, aesthetic, usability and uniqueness. Rehash exceeded all of our expectations at every level. The team as Rehash is easy to work with, always professional and very skilled web designers and programmers."
"The crew at Rehash are absolutely awesome to work with. From the initial consultation to the completion of Phase 1 of our project, they have bent over backwards to not only make sure that my needs/desires were met, but also to ensure that the finished product performed flawlessly and looked fantastic. Something that was very important to me was that they were able to translate "geek" into something I could understand to facilitate making everything work, which is often hard to find. I highly recommend Rehash, they definitely sold us, we'll be using them in an on-going relationship far into the future!"
"This has been the best experience we've ever had in website development. Thank you so much Andrew for going above and beyond what we asked. Your customer service, fast responses and genuine concern for our business has been amazing. The team at Shopaholla has been professional and delivers everything on time. I highly recommend their services to anyone wanting a job done right."