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From concept to completion, we're ready to help grow your business

From Shopify design and development to complete retail store build outs, our team at Rehash has more than a decade of experience to lean on to ensure our merchants are successful.

Custom Shopify Theme
Design and Development

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Our award-winning custom Shopify themes help merchants set their brand apart and produce unique functionality and experiences that set the standard for the industry.

Custom Shopify
Application Development

Need a custom Shopify application built? Let's talk.

Merchants routinely need customized solutions to solve operational processes or to add specific functionality to their storefronts. Our team is well-versed in designing and developing custom Shopify applications to meet those needs.

Retail Consulting

With over a decade of experience launching and operating retail stores, we are uniquely positioned to assist in designing, launching, and growing your retail business.

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World-class Photography

The backbone of any great shopping experience and successful branding is quality photography. Our team has the expertise with proven results in product and lifestyle photography to trust your brand's photography needs.

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Product and Lifestyle Photography Services

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What past clients have to say

"Working with Rehash is like working with somebody sitting directly in our HQ. They're extremely thoughtful, skilled, and communicative with us. Their eye for industry trends and rock-solid branding have helped our store stay on top for years. I can't recommend them highly enough!"
"A tremendously talented team of true professionals. Can't say enough good things."
"We love working with Rehash! Our site has little to no issues thanks to the help of Rehash. Very responsive and willing to help whether we want a style refresh or need a kink worked out."
"Rehash came in and worked with us at all levels during our transition to the Shopify platform. They continue to help us make our e-commerce site perform at it's best. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make the switch to Shopify."
"Rehash was amazing to work with. They have an exceptional ability to communicate in a way that is easily understandable to the client and was able to interpret our unique needs for our site. They included us every step of the way as they built our site and were always at our disposal to bounce ideas off as well as encouraging us to think out of the box as we considered our long term goals and needs. Rehash clearly has a keen understanding of the customer experience. Andrew built us a kickass website that draws our customers in, keeps them on the site browsing and ultimately purchasing our product. I chose Rehash because they were passionate about not just web design, but our web design. They are creative and always pushing the envelope to give us what we envisioned. I loved Rehash so much, they will be building the site for another business I have become involved with and I highly recommend their work."
"Being a new company, we were looking for more than just an agency; We were looking for a solid partnership and strong web guidance. The team at Rehash were essential in the formation of our brand experience and identity from the ground up. From visual concepts, to hard code, their veteran skills and insightful advice allowed us to focus on the brand and not worry about the online experience. Their ability to “hack the platform”, both desktop and mobile, and push it beyond its limits, enabled us to become one of the most technologically advanced stores in Shopify’s history. Rehash has since become our closest ally, helping us effortlessly align our web presence with our brand vision."

Read more past client testimonials or contact us about speaking directly with a company we've partnered with.