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Giving back where we can

By our definition, success is not just how much money we make, but also the impact we have on our communities, our clients and ultimately the world. We value the opportunities we have to give back.

About Willow Springs

Willow Springs Boys Ranch is a long-term residential childcare program that accepts applications from boys between the ages 7 to 12 years old. Boys are able to live on the ranch until they graduate from high school, obtain their G.E.D. or participate in an independent living program after graduation. The Ranch takes boys who find themselves in a family crisis, abandoned, in need of supervision or from broken or dysfunctional homes.

How We’re Helping

We have partnered with Willow Spring Boys Ranch by giving as a part of their 100 for 100 Campaign. This partnership helps provide ongoing funding to run the McLendon Home at the Ranch. We also seek out other opportunities to meet needs where possible. Reliable transportation is crucial to the day to day operations at Willow Springs Boys Ranch. After their current van was no longer operational, Rehash aided in the purchase of a new vehicle to help get the boys where they need to go.

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About Serve More

On May 20th, 2013, a devastating tornado struck several towns in central Oklahoma. From that trying time, the non-profit Serve More was created to lead the way in rebuilding and renewing the affected communities. Since then, they have continued to meet the needs of the community when they arise.

How We’re Helping

We pride ourselves in the long time partnership and friendship with local non-profit organization Serve More. At the time of the tornado, we developed an app called Pairs for managing the moving parts in the recovery efforts. It proved so helpful it became the backbone of their operations. Since then we continue to give financially and volunteer our time to community aid projects organized by Serve More.

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