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  • Shopify plus meetup

    Oklahoma City Shopify Plus Meet-up

    Calling all retail and ecommerce business owners! We are partnering with Shopify Plus to host an event for you. Come and discuss the future of commerce, how Shopify Plus can help you grow your business, and what’s to expect from the Shopify platform over the coming months. We will host a panel made up of local merchants, a Shopify Plus representative(s), and one of our own team members to answer questions. We will talk about Shopify and Shopify Plus, ecommerce, owning a retail business, and anything else you can think of. We will even have a demo online store and point of sale system setup for a hands-on experience. This will be a great time to network with one another and educate ourselves. The event is free to attend and there will be provided refreshments and dinner (🌮, anyone?).

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  • Image%20size blog 01

    How to opitimize images for your Shopify store

    The first problem we often see is people using way too large an image size on their site. We recommend saving product images as 3000 x 3000 pixels at 72 dpi (dots per inch). Sliders and other images on your site will depend on your theme, but in general, there's rarely a need to be over 3000 pixels wide.

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  • Going custom: Shopify Plus vs. Magento

    The growth curve of the Shopify Plus platform is quite amazing. Specifically when you look at what powers the top 10k ecommerce websites, their growth staggers over most others like a giant. Why is that exactly? Convincing marketing? Amazing features? The best talent? I think it is a serendipity of several things. Personally, our team loves Shopify Plus because it is extremely reliable and we can mold it to meet the needs of every client we've come across over the years. Several times we’ve been told by a client that Shopify Plus isn’t as customizable as Magento. With having over a decade experience with ecommerce platforms, I can refute that as an idea on paper as well as with some proof from past projects.

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  • Shopify unite

    Community Matters

    My journey as a Shopify partner began in late 2008. I was working as a lead designer at company that utilized the up-and-coming company as a solution for its customers who needed to sell products online. My first project was for a guy that was world famous for selling snakes. He actually produced, raised, and sold the current Guinness Record for the world’s largest snake. Crazy, right? During the project he even allowed us to come by his snake farm for a visit. Talk about getting to know your client’s business! Best part was when he casually mentioned that a snake seemed to be missing. Missing. Like slithering around the same building I was in missing! It was a memorable first experience with the platform, and after this project I fell in love with the concept of building ecommerce stores and dived right in.

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