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  • Shopify unite

    Community Matters

    My journey as a Shopify partner began in late 2008. I was working as a lead designer at company that utilized the up-and-coming company as a solution for its customers who needed to sell products online. My first project was for a guy that was world famous for selling snakes. He actually produced, raised, and sold the current Guinness Record for the world’s largest snake. Crazy, right? During the project he even allowed us to come by his snake farm for a visit. Talk about getting to know your client’s business! Best part was when he casually mentioned that a snake seemed to be missing. Missing. Like slithering around the same building I was in missing! It was a memorable first experience with the platform, and after this project I fell in love with the concept of building ecommerce stores and dived right in.

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  • Rehash okc banner

    New year. New name. More focus.

    Since 2009, Shopaholla has been well-known for creating amazing custom Shopify themes and applications for our clients, for sale in Shopify’s marketplaces, and for other companies to use within their projects. We’ve had opportunities to work with multi-million dollar ecommerce companies, to help young entrepreneurs launched their very first website, and to play a role in the growth of dozens of successful businesses. The journey has been a great one, and we are very excited to share about what’s next. Today we are announcing a new name and a new focus as a company. We are pleased to re-introduce ourselves as Rehash.

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  • charity: water - November Update

    In 2013, you fundraised on mycharity: water to bring clean, safe water to people in Cambodia. Last month, our team visited some of the communities you are helping and made a video about the families working to provide clean water to their community.

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  • Unnamed

    charity: water - 2013 Campaign Update

    This year along with help from our supporters we were able to raise $1,345 for Charity: Water. This year our money is going to help build wells in Cambodia. There are currently more than 14 million people in Cambodia and 33% lack access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately this effects children the most due to diarrheal disease that leads to death.

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