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  • Scripts 01

    Popular pricing scripts for Shopify Plus

    Discount codes in Shopify have greatly improved in the last year, but they sometimes limit a store's options for a promotion or sale. A great example is that while discount codes can offer something like a Buy One, Get One discount, both the qualifying and discounted item must be in the cart for the cart page to even accept the discount code. And maybe the most obvious limitation is that only one discount code can be used per checkout.

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  • Product recommendations api

    Shopify Plus' new Recommendations API

    Do you get tired of all that tagging when it comes to recommended products? Wish that there was an automated way to serve up those related items? Thankfully, one of Shopify’s newest features for Shopify Plus merchants allows for a more intelligent way to recommend products to your customers.

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  • Image%20size blog 01

    How to opitimize images for your Shopify store

    The first problem we often see is people using way too large an image size on their site. We recommend saving product images as 3000 x 3000 pixels at 72 dpi (dots per inch). Sliders and other images on your site will depend on your theme, but in general, there's rarely a need to be over 3000 pixels wide.

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