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Shopify Plus' New Recommendations Api


Merchandising your store is no easy task.

Do you get tired of all that tagging when it comes to recommended products? Wish that there was an automated way to serve up those related items? Thankfully, one of Shopify’s newest features for Shopify Plus merchants allows for a more intelligent way to recommend products to your customers.

Currently, a recommended product feature on a product page is populated either by tags, metafields, or collections that the product shares. This functionality is great, but remains limited when collections are no longer boosting conversion and the data becomes outdated over time.

Introducing the new way to recommend products: Recommendations API

The new feature recommends products based not only on common traits like those tags and collections, but more importantly on live sales data, as well. This means that over time Shopify’s Recommendations API will learn and grow in serving up new recommendations from studying data and trends specific to your store. The current caveat is the artificial intelligence only works for stores with less than 7k products, which then reverts back to collections and product descriptions to supply products.

No worries for store owners who like more control; the section can still be overwritten with shop-specified products if you don't want the robots in control of everything (no offense to our overlords, Siri and Alexa).

Reach out to our team at Rehash to implement

If you're interested in having Rehash change your Related Products sections to use this new API, reach out and we'd love to implement it for you. Get in touch today