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Give Water; Give Life 2012


As of September we've officially sold more than 1,000 Shopify themes. We have several of the best selling and most customizable themes available for the platform. We are very excited about this and what this has meant for our business and others' as well. We are also extremely grateful for our success. We believe in helping others, in business and in life in general. We value people over profits and believe that we all have a higher calling than mere success in business. Because of this we have chosen to once again be a part of something bigger than ourselves, Shopaholla is donating a percentage of our profits to help save lives in Rwanda!

800 million people around the world don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. Hundreds of thousands of children can't attend school because they spend their days walking miles for water. Clean drinking water is a basic human need and more than a billion people on the planet don't have access to it.

Shopaholla is on a mission to change the statistics above. We are asking you and anyone we know to donate so we can fund water projects in developing countries. 100% of every dollar we raise goes toward project costs. And when the projects are finished (about 18 months), charity: water will show us just where they were built and who is using them!

To celebrate our 1,000th theme sale, we are kicking this off with a donation of $1,000. We'll also donate a portion of our profits from now through the end of the year to this goal. We're trying to raise $3,500; that's enough to give over 50 people clean water nearby. That's a lot of kids back in school and lives saved!

With your support, We have been able to achieve great success. With our support, these kids can have a chance.

Please join us to help them. Donate today.