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Charity:Water Update

Last year Shopaholla supported Charity: Water through our Give Water Give Life campaign to help raise money to bring clean drinking water to those in need. The money that we raised went directly to Rulindo District, Rwanda. Together we were able to collectively raise $2,295 towards this project.

First heres a little bit about Rwanda.

Rwanda has approximately 10.9 million people and 35% of these people live without safe, clean drinking water. The Rulindo District where the money we raised went is actually one of the poorest districts in Rwanda and the access to clean drinking is much lower.  In this district 70% of the people do not have access to clean water.

However, this is changing due to the money that we were able to raise. Charity: Water partners with Water for People to build 7 large-scale gravity fed systems with 106 tap stands that will serve 26,000 people in this area. The great thing is that this is not then end.  Charity: Water wants to help insure that the water continues to stay safe and clean long after the project is complete. This is being accomplished through an innovative public-private partnership.

Each of the wells that are being built take approximately 18 months. We are currently only 1-3 months into our project.  Here is a timeline so that you can see the what the future holds.

charity water

We at Shopaholla are so grateful for those customers who partnered with us in raising this money for such a life changing cause. We will continue to keep you updated as we are updated.