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Charity: Water 2013 Campaign Update

Charity Water Campaign

This year along with help from our supporters we were able to raise $1,345 for Charity: Water. This year our money is going to help build wells in Cambodia. There are currently more than 14 million people in Cambodia and 33% lack access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately this effects children the most due to diarrheal disease that leads to death.

Currently Charity Water is working with BioSand Filter to help give clean drinking water to the people of Cambodia. Each BioSand filter is quick and easy to use and takes out 99% of the bacteria found in the dirty water. With our support we are helping to place these BioSand Filters in 360 villages and 72 schools with helps to serve over 115,000 people.

Charity Water is still in the early stages of this project and will continue to give us updates as the project progresses. You can see the chart below and see that we are only in the 3-6 month part of the project. As we receive updates we at Shopaholla will do our best to keep you updated as well. Again thanks so much for partnering with us to help give clean drinking water to others.