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Charity: Water Update 2011 Campaign Completed!

The wait is finally over and our campaign from 2011 has finally been completed! A community of about 250 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa now have clean drinking water. Thanks to your generous donations we have helped to fund a well that has been completed. Not only does this community have clean drinking water but they were also trained in how to maintain the new water system. You can read more about this campaign here

Our 2012 raised nearly $3,000 that went to help build a large-scale spring protection systems in Rwanda. You can read more about this campaign here. This project is currently in the final stages and Charity: Water partners are training the community to manage their new water system. Hopefully we will soon have more information on this completed project along with more community information and photos.

We at Shopaholla are so grateful for those customers who partnered with us in raising this money for such a life changing cause. We will continue to keep you updated as we are updated.