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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Success – Part 3 Of 3

Part 3: Capitalizing on your BFCM Success

This year’s BFCM is set to be the biggest sale season ever. With the multitudes of BFCM shoppers out there looking for great products, it’s a no-brainer to prepare well for a successful BFCM campaign.

After the dust settles and your BFCM is a success, it’s important to set yourself up for the future. Here are just a few ways you can capitalize on a successful BFCM.

Converting Seasonal Consumers

Let’s face it, what good is launching a great holiday sales campaign if you aren’t converting any of those sale customers into year-long brand loyalists? Most BFCM shoppers will have zero previous interaction with your brand and may walk away after the sale to forget all about you. Don’t let that happen!

Sending out great emails can be one way to effectively bring BFCM customers into the fold. Try crafting a fun and engaging welcome email that tells your brand’s story. Follow that up not with endless sales pitches, but a curated list of helpful links that engage your reader’s interest. Try to give away good content before asking them to buy-in again.

Implementing retargeting pixels into your ad campaigns is a great way to advance your BFCM wins. Now, with Shopify Marketing, it is easier than ever to launch a productive sales campaign through Facebook and Google. Create tailor-made retargeting advertisements to send to those one-time customers in the hope that they will come back for more.

Customer Service

Nothing is worse than a bad customer service experience with a brand you are trying out for the first time. A poor experience with a new brand is a surefire way to make you forget all about them.

We already covered the importance of auditing your current Shopify setup, specifically spending time making sure all of your third-party apps are sale-proof. This is especially true of order fulfillment. Make sure you are prepared for the spike in sales, that your stock is accurately reflected in your database and your warehouse or supplier is ready for the incoming boom.

Great customer service is more than just order fulfillment. Sometimes it requires going the extra mile to make sure your consumers are taken care of, and bought into the vision of your brand. Providing fast and effective customer support is a huge area that can funnel these one-time purchasers into brand advocates. Whether you are answering the bulk of questions personally, or setting up great automated messaging, it's important to create a great support system for your customers.

Selling a product is a hard-fought endeavor. Creating a true brand connection with your consumer is on an entirely different level. Brainstorm ways you can take your customer’s experience to new heights. Consider creating handcrafted notes that communicate a desire to not merely sell a product, but to help meet the needs of a new purchaser. Remember, you are selling more than a product. You are selling a story.

Post-Sale Review

You wouldn’t be a very good business owner if you didn’t learn from your past mistakes and successes. Take time after the sale to reflect on what did or did not work.

Analytics are a massive tool designed to help you sift through all of the relevant purchase data that can set you up for success for years to come. Google Analytics is a free and helpful tool for tracking all type of ecommerce data. Shopify Reports is another measuring program that can help you discern how well your marketing efforts did in generating sales.

What you learn and implement this BFCM can make all the difference for future sales campaigns.